Saturday, October 4, 2008

VLE distributed with c't Magazine

Few months back I had received a mail from the German c't tech magazine asking whether they can include my Vapour Liquid Equilibrium for Java (VLE) in their magazine's accompanying CD. I obviously said yes.

I got a surprise last week when I received the free copy of the magazine (issue number 17/2008) home delivered in India. The accompanying CD includes VLE v0.2. It was a bigger surprise to see the review of the software in the magazine along with a nice screenshot!

It is real joy know that people consider such amateur work to be worthy of distribution with magazine. Such things make spending personal time on open source software all the more worthwhile.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Added Debian Package for OpenStego for Easy Installation

Debian package for OpenStego v0.5.0 has been added in Sourceforge downloads.

Ubuntu (or any other Debian based distro) users can now just download that file and install by just double-clicking the icon for the downloaded ".deb" file. It can also be easily installed from command-line using:

$ sudo dpkg -i openstego-0.5.0-1.deb

Please let me know in case if anyone faces installation issues using this package.