Saturday, July 4, 2009

OpenStego article/software in Japanese Magazine

I came to Tokyo recently. One day at leisure, I was just searching for sites which had mention of OpenStego, and guess what - I saw one Japanese Magazine "Linux Nikkei (Linux日経)" website mentioning OpenStego in the "Table of Contents" of their July edition.

I went and bought it at the earliest, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had included OpenStego v0.5.2 in the DVD, and also a great 2 page article on the functionality. The article author has explained it in excellent details, alongwith good diagrams and screenshots. It is better than what I would have written to explain the functions.

The link for magazine article (in Japanese) is at:

Article can be downloaded for ¥158 only.

Great going. :)

After getting inspired by this act, I have translated OpenStego in Japanese. I have not released it yet, but once it is released, if your OS locale is Japanese, then OpenStego UI and command line help will be in Japanese.