Friday, March 14, 2008

Added RandomLSB algorithm support to OpenStego

Today, I released v0.4.2 of OpenStego. It has now support for one more algorithm - RandomLSB.
This is similar to the regular LSB algorithm except that instead of using Least Significant Bits of image in sequence, it writes in a pseudo-random order.

The random number generator is seeded using password hash. And so the sequence of bits written is dependent on the password.

This should now give a more robust method of embedding data, which will be difficult to detect using statistical analysis. The method is definitely slower compared to regular LSB algorithm, but is more secure.


Anonymous said...

hello sir,
your project is awesome.sir i want to develop small proect like this but not able to get the proper algorithms.can you please suggest some algorithms where i get them.
thank you

Samir Vaidya said...

thanks for your compliments.

first decide what kind of application you want to develop, and then just google to see if there are any ideas / algorithms around the same.